What on earth possessed me to stay up until 12:30am last night in a Walgreens parking lot talking?! Allis and I finished studying at about 10:30pm last night and as a reward for having been so good so far with studying and preparing for our finals, we treated ourselves to Krispy Kreme (what luck! The sign was on to boot). So, we grabbed our doughnuts and ran up to Walgreens to pick up some milk. We decided to just sit there and eat our treat in the parking lot for at least a little while. So, we munched on our doughnuts and talked. I really enjoy being friends with Allis because she’s a chick that I can completely geek out with and since we’re both engineers, neither of us think the other one’s too weird or anything. We can geek out about the same stuff. It’s cool. So, we geeked and we talked about relationships and all those other feminine topics. Next thing I know, I look down at the clock in the car and it’s 12:30. I explained that as much as I liked talking, I liked being able to sleep even more so that I could be awake at work the next day. I drove Allis back to CCRH and I headed my way back to the condo. I walked in, brushed my teeth and crashed on the bed. It was still a little weird last night not having Sean around, but I had Polar to cuddle with and he’ll have to do until Sean gets home. I really do miss Sean. I’m looking forward to Tuesday or Wednesday when he gets home. It’ll be nice to have him around again, no matter how quiet the house has been.

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