Expensed Dinners

Tomorrow I begin my journey to North Carolina. I am heading up to Charlotte to do some training for LaserFiche; the document imaging system that I sell. I am going to leave saturday, and stop in Atlanta to visit with my parents, then head up the Charlotte on Sunday. That will allow me to break up all the driving that I will be doing. I then will have training all day on monday, and half of tuesday. I get to head back after noon or so on tuesday, and I will see how I feel when I hit Atlanta. I may or may not continue on to Huntsville, it all depends on my ability to stay awake. I would like to get hone and see Kat though. I have to see how insane she gets about finals *just kidding dear*

I have a feeling I will have quite a few minutes used on my phone……

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4 thoughts on “Expensed Dinners

  1. If you’re smart, you’ll stay away from Huntsville so you don’t see the Wrath of the Demented Katharine.


    I have become psychic…………..

    I see an ass kicking in your future for that comment……..

  3. Yeah, if I wasn’t so busy studying for finals, your ass would be kicked right now Geof. Instead, I’m actually going to care about my finals (I now have an honor society to stay in. Damn.) so that my GPA stays at its current position or even hopefully goes up a bit.

    As for being demented. The only exam that would have made me demented would be the one that did and I’ve already taken it. That bastard of a teacher.

  4. Just out of curiosity, which honor society? All the ones that I know of that a CPE would join are lifetime memberships.

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