shattered glass

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home from vacation to find out that someone maliciously smashed in one of your car windows. It really sucks. Tuesday night, Stu, Charleen, Sean and I got back into Boston from Killington. My parents called that evening to see how the ski trip went. They also had some bad news for me. Mom had been taking care of our two darlings while we were away. The other evening, she came by to feed them and realized that one of my windows had been broken. She put a plastic bag over it and made sure nothing obvious was stolen. She filed a report with the insurance, but I still have to file a report with the police (it’s my vehicle, so I have to file it). She mentioned that it might have been some of the kids were playing ball or some such and threw a ball into my car, but after having looked at it, I think I can safely say that that was not the case. There was no ball in my car and this was not a simple hole. It looks like someone took a crowbar or similar hard object and smashed my window in. The break is not circular or even close. There’s only a little bit of the actual window that didn’t shatter and fall.

The window is fixable. In fact, as I speak, two guys are down at my car fixing the window in the parking lot of my office. That’s not what I’m concerned about. What I’m concerned about is the fact that my feeling of safety in that condo complex got shattered with my window. My complex is supposed to be a relatively safe place. I know that no place is going to be perfectly safe, but I think I have the right to be able to leave my car for a few days in its parking spot and not have to worry about coming home with windows smashed in. I told Sean and it’s been resolved that as soon as our lease is up in June and we can find a better place, we’ll move again. I had hopes of being able to stay where we were, as the apartment was growing on me, but I know that won’t happen now. I want to feel safe when I come home at night and I just don’t anymore.

Blinkers Show Weakness and Fear

The title is just one of the wondrous things that I learned in Boston this past weekend. I think I will have to make a list out of this one.

Stuff I learned:

1. Directions to get around Boston must include “turn left down the street that says don’t turn left, everyone else does it”
2. You must make a left turn from the right hand lane at least once a day.
3. Horns are used to remind the driver .00000001 seconds after the light has turned green that, in fact, the light has turned green.
4. Horns are also used to let the driver 45 cars ahead that they are blocking the way, and that the person in front of you needs to do something about it.
5. Snow wedgies suck
6. Using blinkers shows weakness and fear, or that you are out of town.
7. 3 bucks for a small waffle with caramelized sugar on it is a good deal according to ski resorts.
8. People wearing cow suits (complete with udder and tail) while skiing respond to you mooing at them from the ski lift.
9. No matter how funny you think your hat is, there will always be something stranger.
10. Never forget to bark at people that wear fuzzy boots, you can guarantee that they will never talk with you.

no broken bones

Sean and I made it back late last night from our vacation. No broken bones to report, even after I had my first chance to try out snowboarding. I’m still a lot better at alpine skiing and even cross-country skiing, but I still really enjoyed giving snowboarding a try and I’m up for learning more next time. Both of us, though, were extremely sore Tuesday when we drove back to Boston. Two straight days of almost constant skiing and snowboarding reminded both of us how 1. out of shape we are and 2. how physically demanding skiing can be on your body. It was an absolute blast, though. Sean and I are already contemplating where our next ski trip will be to.

More details on the trip will follow as I have time to write them up.