clean clothes

I got into work early this morning so that I could leave early this afternoon. The second I walk in, my phone starts to ring. The Best Buy guys are going to be at my apartment in 15 minutes to deliver the washer. Eep! I hadn’t expected them until lunchtime, not 8am. So, I put my jacket back on and went back out into the farking cold weather (yes, it got cold here again). They were just unloading the washing machine when I got there. It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. They moved the old washer onto our porch until we can get rid of it and then they put the new one in. The two guys were really nice. They showed me how the washer has automatic levelling feet. They even told me to keep hold of the packing for the tub so that the washer wouldn’t get out of balance next time we moved. The best part, though, was that the guy noticed that our dryer wasn’t level and fixed it for me. How cool is that?! People can be so nice.

We have our new washer. It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to wash my first load of clothing in it. The tub is freakin’ huge. It’s a 3.3 cu.ft. tub. Nothing terribly fancy, but it’s cool and it runs really quietly. They even ran it through the different parts of the cycles to make sure everything worked. I am so having appliances delivered next time. It was just damn spiffy not having to move a washer up those stairs.

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