I can’t believe it. I’m done with everything that needs to be done before Spring Break… and I got it all done two days early! I so kick ass, that’s all I have to say. I stayed up late last night finishing my term paper for Operating Systems (the most useless paper I’ve written to date, especially after all of the $h!t I had to put up with for formatting the silly thing). Then, I read Candide until I fell asleep. This morning, I woke up and finished reading Candide for my history discussion essay I have to write in class today. The proposal for my final project in Operating Systems is printed out and ready to be submitted today at 12:20pm to Dr. Kulick. All I have to work on over Spring Break is an outline for my History term paper and some homework that Dr. Jovanov is supposed to be giving us tonight in class.

Since I finished early, I promised to reward myself tonight for my hard work and maintaining my sanity. The reward? Rosie’s! Margarita… grande! Rosie’s for dinner and then bowling with Todd and Geof and Sean and whoever else winds up joining us this evening. It will be an evening of relaxing, drinking and overall celebrating a term almost over.

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