frightening thought

That’s it. Sean and I are permanent. We did the first “permanent couple” thing today. We bought an appliance together that was over $399. What did we buy, you might ask? A washer would be the answer. Heather let us buy the washer and dryer from my old apartment from her when we moved into this new place. The washer has been a good washer, but it’s rather loud and our downstairs neighbors didn’t appreciate it. Finally, today, I got fed up with it completely. We had discussed going out and buying a new set a few months down the line, but I was going to kill this washer before a few months were up. So, instead of waiting, we looked at what deals Best Buy was offering. They had a 12 months with no interest deal if the appliance was above $399. We figured we could afford to get a pretty nice one for that amount. So, we went to Best Buy and looked at them. Talked it over with each other and then one of the sales people. The next thing we knew, my credit was approved and we had bought a washer. It’s going to be delivered sometime during the day on Friday, before we leave for spring break. I’m actually really looking forward to this, because it’s supposed to be a really quiet washer, which is going to be a blessing in this apartment and later in a house. My head’s still whirling from the fact that we actually made a purchase like this. Maybe next we’ll get a fridge. *hides from Sean*