Help needed with Hockey skates

Yep, it is time to get Sean’s fat ass into shape, and Hockey will be fun, and i may even get to go to the dentist more. Nah, well I do need the help of all my readership (all 4 of you), especially those of you with opinions about hockey skates. I am looking at these two types right now, and if you have any other suggestions i am certainly open to them.

some CCM skates

and these Bauer ones

Please let me know what you think!!!


How dissappointing:

I do a search for Beating with a dead beaver paddle and I don’t even show up on the first page.

Maybe I should put the words Latex beaver paddle in my post, yeah, Latex beaver paddle sounds good to me.

Note to self: when changing domain do not give parents web address, then they would not have to read about Latex beaver paddles.

Keeping busy

Jay’s out of town for a couple days. He was out of town yesterday and then today as well. Since I had finished his project for him on Tuesday, I didn’t have anything particular to do, so I walk down the hallway to Sally’s office to see if she’s got anything to keep me busy. “Oh good! Jay’s out of town, so I’ve got you all to myself for a little while!” Those are not good words to hear. So, I now have a project to keep me busy for a while… …really busy.