Thrice Teased: Either give us the real thing or pack it up and go home

Mother Nature:
Okay, this is the third time that you’ve teased us with snow this year. I’m getting tired of this. One weekend, we’re in shorts, the next we’re back to winter coats and warm boots. One day we’ve got a “light dusting” (the weathermen’s term for “you ain’t got jack”) of snow and then two days later it’s back up into the 60s. Make up your mind! I do not appreciate being teased like this. Either give us the real thing, a nice blanket of snow that we can at least make a snowman out of and that’s enough to give us a day off from school and work. Or pack it up and go home. I want spring. I want the dogwoods to bloom and then I want all of the cherry trees to come out in their glory. So, just make up your mind, okay?