I really am alive

I would like to make a small apology to all of my friends. I’m sorry that I haven’t been around. My friends that know me as a classmate know exactly what I’ve been up to, but I know that to the rest of you, I’ve basically fallen off the side of the earth. This term has not been easy. I knew it wouldn’t be, but hoped that it wouldn’t be as bad as my advisor said it would be. Last time I don’t listen to my advisor. My teachers have made a lot of demands on my time, expecting me to be working either on homework assignments every day, or a constant onslaught of programs (every one of my classes except for History is a programming class) that are due about every 2-3 weeks.

I merely ask you to bear with me on this term. It’s not easy for me, because I truly do want to spend time with everyone socializing, but my school comes first and it always has. I’ve got three more terms after this and it will all be over. None of them are going to be easy terms. After this summer it will be straight 400 and 500 level courses for me. I tell you this, because as my friends, I want you to know what I’m up against. Please, keep me informed about what’s going on and I will do my best to participate in as much as I can. If I don’t know what’s going on, though, then I have no chance of being able to socialize with you.

For those of you who will be at the DragonCon meeting this weekend, I look forward to spending some hours with you guys. Oh, and thanks for being really wonderful friends. You’ve kept me sane through some hard times (and that especially goes for you, Sean).