Avoid Your significant other in 4 easy steps: Part One

Someone cut off my legs now because I don’t want them anymore. This will be the entry of a very tired Sean, but I need something to keep me occupied for the moment, so you all will now suffer. I try and be introspective in my blather, but it always seems to come out as blather anyway, so I am just going to give the rundown of what has been happening.

Plans to drive down to Birmingham with a friend Mike. He and I have chatted on a message board ( Honda-tech) for awhile and I met him for the first time this past fall. I got him to attend an autocross event and he has been hooked ever since. Well he has gotten to know some of the other members down in Birmingham, so I decided to go with him. We wait over at his house for a girl that he was going down there with until about 7:30 PM and then we hit the road. I believe that my speedometer was pegged at about 90 the whole way, at least when there was light traffic.

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