A quiet home

Sean drove up to Nashville Sunday night so that he could meet with a client first thing the next morning. It was supposed to be a ‘go in, install the hardware, teach the people how to use, I’ll be home for dinner honey’ kind of thing. 4:30pm Monday, I get a call from Sean, “I’m not going to be able to come home today.” Dammit. The installing the hardware part apparently didn’t go well and the client’s office closed early yesterday because of President’s Day. So, Sean had to stay up in Nashville an extra night. To help pass the time, I suggested that he drive into downtown and go to this great Irish pub that Heather and I used to love making excuses to go to called Seanachie’s. Really good food and they served Guiness on tap. What more could you ask for in a restaurant. 10:30pm Monday, I get another call from Sean (mind you, at this time, I’ve been pouring over my homework trying to get it done so that I can go to sleep), “Hey honey, just wanted to call you and say hi. Seanachie’s is having a 2-for-1 night and I’ve already had 3, so I figure I might as well have my fourth since I’ve already technically paid for it. I’m having a great time up here. Love you.” Bastard. Oh well. Next time we get the chance, he’s so taking me up to Nashville just so that I can go back to Seanachie’s. And if he calls me tonight and says that he’s got to stay up another night, I’ll know it’s because of the Guiness.