Yet another weekend in my life

Every weekend I keep promising myself I’ll take it easy, do a little homework, but mainly relax. Why is that so hard for me to follow through? This weekend has consisted of doing everything but homework and relaxing. Saturday, I put my desk together. It’s friggin’ huge. I love it. I finally have space to do homework and sit at my computer. I love it. Saturday night, I did my taxes. All I have to say is at least I’m getting something back. The government hasn’t finished screwing me over quite yet (see earlier last year when most people, not me, got that wonderful $300 check in the mail).

Today, I honest to goodness was planning on spending most of the day doing homework. Instead, I ran errands this morning and wound up buying this really cool wooden roll-up blind for the den. It looks really neat, even if it did take me 2.5 hours to put up and that’s after having to take it back to Home Depot and have them cut the size down a little bit. Other than that, there have just been a million little chores and such that have been needing to get done around the apartment and since Sean’s going out of town tonight, he won’t have time to do them. So, they’re finally done.

If Sean comes home from work tonight and asks where dinner is, I’m going to shoot him. If he wants dinner, he’s either making it himself or he’s taking us out somewhere, because I refuse to cook tonight.

Oh, while doing stuff last night, I watched American Pie 2. Absolutely hilarious movie. My favorite line from it was when the band geek girl Michelle said, “You’ve got to preheat the oven a bit before you pop your turkey in.” I think we can guess what she was referring to.