And the tests begin…

I made it five weeks into the term before I had to deal with my first test. Programs are a different matter. I understand that as a computer engineer programs are like weekly quizzes or homework assignments; they start to be assigned the first day of class. Now, though, is time once more for the barrage of tests to begin. I have three tests over the next three weeks. Today, I have a test in Intro to Algorithms (CS317), of which I’m thoroughly not looking forward to. Dr. Seo has given us no preparation for this test other than that we can expect to have anything on this test that we covered in class and that the questions could be in any format possible, including T/F. Argh. Shoot me now and get the agony over with. Hopefully, I’ll get another hour or two of studying in before the test tonight. To indicate just how worried I am about this test, as Sean pointed out this morning, I’m snappy and overly defensive. I can’t help it.

Next week, I have my first test in Operating Systems (CPE336). I’m not too worried about this test, mainly because I’ve started to get a good grasp of what we’re doing in the lab, thus what we’re talking about in class. Unfortunately, he’s covering pthreads on this first test and he just started talking about them yesterday. Time to do some independent reading on threads and see if I can nail the concept.

The week following is my midterm in Microcomputers (CPE421). Yet another joyous class. He asked us yesterday in class if we enjoyed doing our first program (you know, the one I spent 13 hours straight on) and the whole class just groaned at him. The class isn’t bad, but that program was. The test shouldn’t be too bad in there either, as he’s given us a lot of good examples of stuff to work on and he’s a good teacher overall. He just has a sick sense of humor (I think that’s a requirement for all good teachers). So, for the next three weeks, I’ll be studying when I get the chance and trying to continue with life as usual.