geek toy, good

It’s been sitting next to my desk for a week. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to install it, it’s just I’ve had four projects to finish and I’ve had midterms looming. So, when I haven’t been at work (which is most of my time), I’ve really been at school or with classmates studying. After yesterday’s all day coding run, I decided to take a day away from anything but the absolute necessaries for school. I wrote the readme file for my program and turned everything in and that’s it.

Today, has been devoted to spending time with Sean and doing non-school stuff. That included waking up and going straight to Izzy’s Bagel Cafe. I’m really beginning to enjoy waking up on Sunday mornings and going out to breakfast/brunch somewhere. Give’s Sean and I time to talk and read a Sunday paper. While eating our bagels, we discussed shopping for a computer desk for me, as the one Amy had given me a while back was finally dying and I didn’t want it to fall apart on top of my good computer equipment.

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Road Trip Warrior

Much of my time these past few weeks (and upcomming ones) have been spent on the road. Last week Bob and I drove up to Murfreesboro TN (200m round trip) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I went by myself on Thursday. This week I was supposed to go up to knoxville with Bob, but we figured that I don’t need the extra training for that right now (going through the same stuff I did last week). And then next week I head up to Nashville on monday to do another installation, yep, Sean was a good boy and sold some stuff this month. In the future it looks like I will be going out and about some more to do more demos, hopefully not so far away this time; but for now I am just glad that I get good gas mileage…..