Midnight coding

It’s late. It’s really late considering that I didn’t see the light of day after 12:15 this afternoon when I entered the Engineering Building. No, really. I went in at 12:15pm and I didn’t leave again until about 12:30am tonight. I spent the entire time coding, or attempting to. We had a project in CPE421 (Microcomputers) that the instructor did not provide enough detail for until this past week and I didn’t get a chance to work on it until this week. I spent Thursday night, Friday night and all day today working on it. Finally at 12:23am, my code compiled and ran properly. I was tired, my butt was asleep from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs all day and I was really tired of looking at assembly language code.

But, on the good side, afterwards, we went up to TGI Fridays (the only place open this late) and had drinks and dessert to celebrate. What a great way to end an evening. 🙂 Now, it’s time to get some sleep and pray the cats don’t wake me up in the morning. I’ve earned a day of rest now.