Kat Anti-Freezing Devices

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for your perspective on life. That and getting a program to work that’s been frustrating you for a week. Last night, I finally got a pointless program in my Operating Systems lab to work. We had to create three processes that used shared memory and sorted an array. I don’t think our teacher could have gotten more general on the assignment. Last night at 10:30pm, I finally figured out how to use pointers with shared memory and at 11pm, the processes were communicating with each other and working beautifully. I did a little happy dance at that.

Since I got the program working, I went to bed at a reasonable hour. Lately, with my crackass work/school schedule, I’ve konked out while reading my book at night and when I wake up, I still haven’t had enough sleep. I know it’s just a matter of my body getting used to this new schedule. For now, though, I just feel really lethargic when the day’s over and I’ve still got homework to work on.

I’ve got a plant in my office now. Something green. It’s kind of nice. I brought in a couple other things to decorate my office with. I’m just going to start gradually bringing stuff to the office and hanging it up. That way, my office will be more pleasant to be in. Speaking of pleasant, Sean and I bought a space heater for my office last night. Or, as Sean puts it an “Kat Anti-Freezing Device.” He’s right. My office is much, much more pleasant to be in now that I’ve got the heater near me. It does a pretty decent job of keeping the office warm. My fingers are still cold, but at least they’re not white.

Time to get back to reading about CVS. I’ve got some documentation to work on, but I need to talk to Beth first and go over it with her before presenting it to Jay for his approval. Since I won’t see her until tomorrow afternoon, though, I’m just going to continue sticking my nose in this CVS book and perhaps start on the radar book I was passed today.