Time to find a new domain

Yep, I think it is time to get rid of integrrra.com Why do you ask? Is it because there are never new entries on here? No content? How about no car? Yep, the integra is going bye bye, and in it’s place is going to be a shiney 1997 Rec Civic EX Coupe. I was hoping for the hatchback, but I could get a better deal on this car. MY payments will be going down by more than 100 dollars a month, my APR is being cut by over 50%, and my insurance will thank me. I check on the hatchback and it would have been 400 dollars less a year for insurance, have not check on the coupe, but I expect it to be pretty good. Why do I do all of this? WIth Kat’s new job we will have money, but I bought the integra when I did not have as many expenses, heck, I didn’t even pay rent then. But I have student loans, credit card loans (but no credit cards), and now rent to pay. I always told myself that the car would be the easiest thing to change. Here’s to being more financially secure *cheers*

p.s. Geof- this thing feels almost exactly like the integra driveability wise, no worries mate!!

The Early Bird

For the past week or so, I’ve been having to be at my father’s office at 8am, so that I can help him do a file conversion for a client. Last week, I got up when Sean did and was racing around everywhere desperately trying to do a million things at once. I hate doing that in the morning. This week, though, I decided to start waking up 30 minutes earlier just to give me a few minutes to relax and so I wouldn’t be racing around getting ready.

I might just yet get into the swing of being a morning person. I have always hated getting up in the morning. Mainly, this is because I used to stay up really late at night, so the two didn’t mix. Now, I’m finding a happy compromise. So, now my mornings consist of getting out of the shower and having a nice cup of tea in front of the computer, watching the day grow lighter outside before getting ready. This is actually enjoyable. Maybe I’ll even start to get up earlier and start jogging to get me in better shape for the concrete canoe team.

Weird things at Eddie Bauer

I was looking through Eddie Bauer’s winter sales items online, so that I could pick out an outfit that my mom had offered to buy me, as congratulations for getting the new job. All of a sudden, in the pants section, I notice the words leather pants. Sure enough, Eddie Bauer sells leather pants. They’re on sale for $99 right now. I would never have guessed…

Radio Free Tiny Pineapple

One of my friends, Paul, found this and I found a link to it on his website. Radio Free Tiny Pineapple is streaming audio of a wide variety of music. Thus the reason I like it. I so rarely find anything that comes close to spanning my taste in music, but so far I have really enjoyed this. You just need something like Sonique to listen. Tres cool.

Employed again

Today is the king of all days. This afternoon, I got a letter in the mail from my old apartment complex telling me that we’ll be getting our full deposit back from moving out of the apartment. That was really kickass, since we’d not expected anything back what with all of the wear in the apartment from two years living in it.

The other good piece of news is just a million times better. I got a job offer today!!!! After waiting almost two months for word back, Xontech gave me a call this evening and offered me a co-op job with them. I’m really psyched about working there, too, because I like the people that I’ve met and I know I’m going to enjoy my job, so I’m absolutely ecstatic. They’re faxing me the job offer letter on Monday and I can start on Wednesday. This is so wonderful. I once again can breathe easily.