Christmas travels

Sean and I made our way to Atlanta last night. We made great time, considering we were keeping our eyes out for speed traps and constantly getting caught behind slow cars. Once we got to Sean’s parents, we quickly unloaded the car and put all of the Christmas presents underneath the Christmas tree. We have a real, living Christmas tree here. I just think real ones are so much more special than fake ones. Everything was all decorated with old homemade ornaments from family members as well as ones that Sean and Amy had made growing up. It’s really a gorgeous tree.

We curled up in the living room around the tree and talked for a couple hours with everyone. Sean got his chance to pick on me again about my ring and we all got a good chance to laugh and talk about all sorts of topics. It’s one of my favorite parts of visiting here. I just feel so comfortable being around a family that’s this close to each other. It’s great curling up and talking about whatever we want to talk about.

For now, though, it’s time for me to get a shower and get ready for the day. I’ve been put in charge of making dessert for tonight, so I need to find a recipe and go shopping quickly for it. Yeah! It’s Christmas Eve!!!!!!

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