Boxes, boxes, more boxes

I started to pack about 2 weeks ago. Granted, I didn’t get really serious about packing until about a week ago. I’m still packing. It doesn’t ever seem to end. I have also had the advantage of taking breaks to go to work and earn money and such, but not only do I have my own apartment to pack up, I have Sean’s apartment to help pack. Thankfully, my apartment is mostly packed now. Still to pack…
– Half my bookshelf (unfortunately, it’s the large book half of my bookshelf)
– One cabinet in the kitchen (it’s the one that contains all of my black plates and such)
– The rest of my closet, which is mainly just clothing, the rest is already in crates and other stuff that can be carried.

For now, it’s back to finishing wrapping Sean’s Christmas presents at my place, while he wraps mine at his. Sleep soon, so that I can wake up tomorrow and hopefully finish packing up my place so that I can completely concentrate on Sean’s place after Christmas.

Weekend plans are to leave tomorrow evening for Sean’s parents. We’ll be in Atlanta Monday and Tuesday morning and then head back to Huntsville early Tuesday afternoon to spend the rest of Christmas day with my folks. It splits the holiday pretty evenly in half, considering we spent Thanksgiving over here.

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