Yet another term is dust

I can’t believe it. I actually made it through an exam week without anything weird or bad happening. I mean, the usual freezing up when I originally looked at the exam happened, but that’s to be expected. I’ve never been good at taking tests, although I’ve forced myself to get better at it and to not stress out so much. The most amazing part, though, is that nothing bad happened. Since I started going to college at the end of every term, something bad would happen to me. This could range from getting really sick (e.g. mono two terms ago, flu for two of my three terms at Furman) to having my thumb sewn up after Jess tried to kill me. Having stitches in your right thumb makes it very hard to write, let me tell you.

So, this term I braced myself for the worst to happen and I, amazingly, made it through without anything horrible happening. I mean, Sean and I found out that we aren’t getting our number one choice of places to move come the end of the month, but that’s nothing that cripples my ability to take tests, it just makes me want to go strangle the owner of the townhouse. Anyway….

I made it! *happy dance* I finished my last final last night and met up with Heather and Jess at Rosie’s where they had already begun to celebrate and get toasted. Last night was a night of celebration and drinking. Congratulations to Heather for making it all the way through with a BS now. And, Jess, you’re almost done. Just a bit more. For me, another 1.5 years and I’ll be done. I can make it, though. I will get through all of this.

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