House Hunting

Sean and I have been seriously house hunting lately. It almost seems surreal to think that in just about a month, we’ll be moving out of our apartments and into a house somewhere. We’re really looking at the Five Points area of town as it’s relatively close to everything else in town and it’s a pretty cheap area of town to live in and still get a decent sized home. One of my managers at work is even helping keep an eye out in the Five Points area since that’s where she lives and I don’t think she’d mind some more people to hang out with in that area.

We’re also looking in other areas as well, though. There are a couple decent prospects out in the Madison area where it’s also relatively cheap to live comfortably. We’ll see which prospects actually start to weed out. Sean and I are having a good time house hunting and it’s even more fun to think of all the rooms that I get to decorate and have here soon. mmm… An actual computer room… oooohhhh….

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