House Hunting

Sean and I have been seriously house hunting lately. It almost seems surreal to think that in just about a month, we’ll be moving out of our apartments and into a house somewhere. We’re really looking at the Five Points area of town as it’s relatively close to everything else in town and it’s a pretty cheap area of town to live in and still get a decent sized home. One of my managers at work is even helping keep an eye out in the Five Points area since that’s where she lives and I don’t think she’d mind some more people to hang out with in that area.

We’re also looking in other areas as well, though. There are a couple decent prospects out in the Madison area where it’s also relatively cheap to live comfortably. We’ll see which prospects actually start to weed out. Sean and I are having a good time house hunting and it’s even more fun to think of all the rooms that I get to decorate and have here soon. mmm… An actual computer room… oooohhhh….

Moving at Christmas, you crazy…..

Well I have been refraining from posting lately basically cause I can’t think of anything to write about. Well finally, something popped into my head, I can write about my impending move. It looks like Kat and I will be moving in together when our lease runs out at the end of December, talk about taking a step forward. I have lived with a girlfriend before, at her parents house, and it sucked ass. But, she was also going through a difficult timeand we are better friends now, but it still sucked at the time. So this is a new adventure for the both of us, because I know Kat has not lived with a significant other before. Meanwhile the searching really sucks. To many different terms, no pets, doesn’t have central heating and air, oh, that one is already rented, that one is too small, that one is in a bad area of town. The list goes on. Any of you in huntsvegas want to help? Keep your eyes open for us, we may be comming soon to an area near you. I do get to go out today and take a look at a place near Amy and see what I think, then possibly take Kat back later. It is quite stressful at the moment. Anywho, if you have been questioning why I have not posted lately (like I am all that prolific a poster anyway) this is the reason, bigger things are ahead, and the future is big ‘n exciting.