Thanksgiving Hangover

No, I didn’t get a hangover after Thanksgiving. Sean’s parents got into town yesterday afternoon, as planned. I had to work, so I didn’t get to see them until later in the evening. After work, I headed over to my parents’ house where everyone had gathered that evening (parents, Peter & Cheryl, Stuart & Charleen, Sean, Sean’s parents). Thus followed a couple hours of hilarity as everyone was trading stories and laughing.

Today, I had to head into work first thing this morning and afterwards, Sean and his parents and I went out to eat for lunch. Of course, before lunch tornadoes came through areas around Huntsville and what didn’t get hit with tornadoes got hit hard with rain and wind. After lunch, the rain was still coming down hard and Doug and Lisa decided that rather than riding with the storm the whole way home, they would just stick around here. So, we get another night of them being around, which is nice as it gives us a chance to spend more time together.