Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

It’s Thanksgiving yet again. Normally, I let my mom take care of the cooking, but this year, I haven’t had as much time to cook as I normally do and I’ve just been itching to get into the kitchen and toss together a big meal lately. So, I offered to cook the turkey this year for our family. This year’s Thanksgiving was very different than our Thanksgivings lately. Mainly because we had to cram 9 people instead of 6 around our table. The additions? My brother and his girlfriend, Stuart and Charleen. And Sean joined us for Turkey Day this year. I must admit that this has been the most enjoyable past couple of days that I’ve had in a while. I relate much closer to Stu and Charleen than I do to anyone in my family so all of the wisecracks and jokes that I want to crack when my family gets together are taken before I get a chance to say them now. There was lots of talking and laughing and sharing stories.

Anyway, so I cooked the turkey (and stuffing after much arguing with my family) this year. I had just seen the Thanksgiving episode of Good Eats and the turkey that he prepared looked absolutely spectacular, so I decided to give it a whirl. Sure enough, it turns out to be an extremely juicy turkey with the juices locked into the meat rather than dripping out as soon as a knife starts to carve the turkey. I will most definitely be remembering this recipe next year for the turkey. It was well worth the effort.

I now sit in front of the computer at Sean’s place after spending the past couple of hours trying to clean his apartment for his parents’ arrival tomorrow. They’re stopping overnight tomorrow to spend some time with us, which I think is really sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Now, though, it’s time to curl up and read for a while and get a bit more digestion done from the usual, large Thanksgiving Day meal.