Stranger in a Strange Land

So off we send Gareth with fond farewells and wishes of fast server space in mind. We all do hope you get the chance to come back across the pond every once in awhile. Hope you have a good trip and good luck on the job prospects where ever you may land. See you again soon man….

Thoughts after “Pushing Tin”

Tonight, Sean and I curled up and watched “Pushing Tin” with John Cusack. You’re typical John Cusack film with John Cusack playing John Cusack. It had a really good message in it, though, that has really summed up a lot of my, no, just about all of my frustration over the past year or so. It’s really hard for me to put this down in words on a website. I would usually write this in my private journal where no one except for me would ever read it. But, I feel that this needs to get out as partly an apology to anybody that I’ve been cross with who hasn’t deserved it and as a thanks to those of my friends who have put up with me when I’ve been in one of my “moods.” If you don’t want to know a personal part of me, then stop reading right now, because you are not who I’m writing this to. Otherwise, please feel free to continue.
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