Migratory Birds

I would just like to officially state that I hate birds, at least I hate them in the fall. I swear, I think that every bird in North America feels the need to migrate through here in the fall. This, of course, means that for a couple months, we’re swarmed with birds perching everywhere that they can find space to perch. This includes the interstate signs on Sparkman Dr. as it crosses 565. I’m driving down Sparkman after class today, trying to get back to my father’s office so I can get back to work. I actually make all of the lights going through there, but as I’m driving across the bridge, a HUGE flock of birds flies over and white rain begins to fall. Not huge drops, but those damnable large amounts of small drops. I think that everyone who owns a car can sympathize here. Yes, I got shat upon by those damnable birds. So, now my car is black with white polka dots on it. I think my baby needs a wash.