Never A Normal Night With Us

You would think that we could possibly have just a normal night in this group. I’ve decided that, after last night, it isn’t possible. Yesterday afternoon, Amy and I went traipsing around town while trying to get Jeff’s truck’s tires rotated/balanced/aligned. We of course had an adventure in itself of that. See Amy’s post about all of that.

Then, last night, we went to see Monsters Inc. which is a hilarious movie. Afterwards, Geof, Sean and I were standing around outside the theatre and decided to go grab a drink at Finnegan’s which is a pub in the parking lot of the Regal 18 theatre. We’re curled up in one of the tiny booths in the pub, me with my Guinness and Geof with his American beer when I get a call from Jeff. “Kat, our car is overheating, the coolant tank is bone dry. We need some help. Can you go get us some coolant and water.” While Jeff and I are talking, Geof finishes his beer after overhearing our conversation. When I get off the phone, I gulp down the last bit of my Guinness. Like hell I’m wasting a bit of good, chewy beer. We head off to Wal-Mart, waving at Jeff and Amy and yelling at them that help will be back as we pull out of the parking lot. We go to Wal-Mart and pick up the coolant and water as well as some coolant stop-leak stuff and return to the theatre. Normal fixing of no coolant problems proceed and Jeff decides that they should be able to make it home fine. Sean and I follow behind them part of the way home until we get to the turnoff for our apartment.

Now, a normal group would not have to have something go weird when they get together. But, we are, apparently, not a normal group of people. You’d think I’d be used to this, but it still cracks me up every time something happens.