The End of Hell Week

I would just like to state that I find it hearily amusing that on the one week that I find myself the busiest is also the week that I’ve posted the most on my site. Well, the week is nearly over. My tests and projects are turned in. I’ve even found out how I’ve done on some of my tests already. I wound up not quite making a B on my Microelectronic Circuits (aka EE315) test, but he’s giving us the chance to earn 15 extra points, which will bump my grade up to a steady A, which is just fine with me. In my CS214 class, I also wound up making an A on that midterm. So, that leaves me with A’s in most of my classes and maybe one B, which I am so completely happy with. This has proven to be a very challenging term for me, but apparently the hard work that I’m putting in towards my classes has started to pay off. Woohoo!

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