The whirr and sputter of my brain

This week is what most students would affectionately term “Hell Week.” Yes, it’s that time again, kids, time for midterms! I don’t think I could have imagined this week being nearly as hectic as it’s turning out to be. Mainly because I prayed my teachers would be kind to me, but that’s apparently a hopeless thing to look for. So, being my usual self, I’ve set aside my schedule for this week, to keep me sane going through midterms and programs being due.

Study for EE315
Study for CPE422
Work on CPE212 Program (this requires learning classes, unfortunately)

EE315 Midterm
Try to work
CPE422 Midterm
Desperately scramble to finishe 212 program
Turn in CPE212 Program
Dance class
Finish prelab for EE305

EE305 Lab
Start and finish program for CS214 class
Turn in CS214 Program
Do homework for EE315 (make minimal effort required)

Turn in EE315 homework
Possibly attend guest speaker for CPE422
Take quiz in CPE212 and then leave
Crash for the night

Drag myself to CPE422 Lab
Work for part of the day
Crash and consume large quantities of alcohol for the rest of the weekend