A Happy Anniversary

One year today for Kat and I….. Although we did meet before this time last year, we decided that the September 17th would be our anniversary, at least until we hit that whole wedding anniversary thing. I just wanted to express my appreciation to the most beautiful woman in the world for finding the place in her heart for me. I love you Kat, and my world would be incomplete without you. In you I have found my best friend, partner, the person who puts up with my sense of humor, the person who brightens my day, and the person who makes all of our friends go shmooo when we are together.

Note to World: This heart is claimed by Kat……

I love you Katharine.

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2 thoughts on “A Happy Anniversary

  1. *sniff* Thank you sweetie. I have to say that the same goes for you, too. My heart is most definitely claimed by you. I love you.

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