Survival of the Clones

Yes, I’m still alive. In fact, this is being typed from the showfloor of LinuxWorld on one of the computers setup on the wireless network. Anyway, Seattle was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t want to leave on Monday. I wrote some stuff on the airplane from Seattle to San Francisco and I figured that I would just go ahead and paste it into here while I have the time and net access since it’ll be a good week after tomorrow before I’ll have the time again.

Lisa, Lynn and Pat. Thank god they don’t rhyme. Sean wasn’t kidding when he said that they were clones. You look at their ears and you see the same well-shaped ears, with the bottom of the lobe attached to the side of their faces. The shape of their faces, their eyes, their noses. Genetics at work.

The flight to Seattle wasn’t bad. Sean will have plenty to say about the United Express planes, so I will remain silent on that subject. From Denver to Seattle we sat next to a wonderful older lady from Grand Rapid, Nebraska. She was flying to Seattle for her daughter’s wedding. We also found the way to get good meals. Go Vegetarian for a day. For breakfast, we got a great plate of fruits, applesauce and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Once we arrived in Seattle, it was like breathing air after having breathed water your entire life. Sean and I met up with his folks at the baggage claim. We then headed outside and were promptly met with a blast of chilly air. I was grateful Sean had suggested me bringing a sweater. It was then a pleasant hour drive to Steilacoom, WA with a quick detour through Seattle as well as to pick up groceries. We barely made it onto the ferry. It used to be a 28-car ferry. Now, it’s a 60-car ferry and there were still people that had to wait an hour before catching the next one. On the ferry, we had a beautiful, if brisk, twenty minute boat ride over to Anderson Island. I actually got to meet the first two family members at the ferry. Michael and Alexi. Michael is Lynn’s husband and Alexi is their daughter, whome inherited the clone gene.

Anderson Island is an experience unto itself. It’s nothing like Victoria. Most of it is wooded land with homes plopped as best as possible among the trees. Then there’s the shrubbery. Ferns, moss and other bushes you wouldn’t believe. Oh, did I not mention the blackberries yet? Blackberry bushes grow up there like kudzu grows in the south. It’s a weed and it’s everywhere. We would go on a short walk and come home with bags full of blackberries so sweet and ripe they’d melt in your mouth. I was in absolute heaven. We went crabbing and were able to catch rock and dungeoness crabs. Big, beautiful ones.

I digress. Back to the arrival at “The Coffee Grounds.” I climb out of the car and grab my luggage. As I walk towards the house, I am embraced by a woman what looks exactly like Sean’s mom, but 20 years older. Standing by her is Lisa, but with a different hairstyle. What was this? Some science experiment gone bad? No, it was just another Barrett family reunion. Gramma and Lynn had come out to meet us. As we walked in, I was confronted by another clone. Oh, no. Sorry, it was just Pat, another one of the Barrett sisters.

*this will be completed when I have time. For now, I have to go grab dinner*

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