Just a reminder how weird people can be. Working last night at the Cowboy Mouth concert, after the band had left the stage I stood up front and kept errant people from taking things off the stage. There were two female fans wanted drum sticks but noone on stage would listen to them, so they pleaded with me to hand them a stick. Well actually they yelled at the crew first to try and get one, to no avail. The funny part was all they kept saying is “we just want a Fredstick, could my friend get a Fredstick please?” I had to comment that it sounded more like a breakfast cereal than a momento from a concert. Well, me being the kind soul that I am reached up into the drum set and grabbed a obviously used utinsel of noise for the now happy girls. They happily danced off.

*this line deleted in a fit of confusion, sig to be added later*

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  1. Gee-off, i thought in your current state of celibacy, you would have appreciated it.

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