Back in PenguinWorld

For the past couple of weeks, my computer has sadly been only booting into Windows. This is for a couple reasons. Number one, because I wanted to play with Photoshop on a possible new design for portablekat. Number two, and really the most important reason is that for the past couple of weeks, there were problems with fsck on my Linux partition, which meant that doing anything useful in Linux was not a possibility. I, also, of course, have not had the time to sit down and fix the computer as I’ve been trying to get everything set up for LinuxWorld. 8 days and counting until I have to fly to San Francisco.

Well, today, I finally got a chance to sit down and work on my computer without actually having to worry about being on IRC simultaneously. I would like to make the quick note that I worship O’Reilly Press right now. Since I started to meddle with Linux, I’ve had their “Running Linux” book sitting on my computer desk shelf. On occasion it has come in handy, but I’ve never really used it that much. I was glad I had it this afternoon. I started to flip through it, seeing what it had to say about problems with fsck. Well, there it was. Just had to run a couple tests to see what my block size was and then a simple command and voila! The computer’s fixed. I merely had to remount hda1 as read/write again and then reboot and everything’s back to normal. Hallelujah! If I had known it was going to be this simple, I would have dealt with it long ago. Oh well, not a problem. It’s working now and that’s all that matters. *happy dance*

Tonight, it’s time to face Jay and Silent Bob once more. Last night, Sean and I watched Dogma, to wind ourselves up for tonight. The Hollywood 18 is showing a sneak preview of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and I’m so looking forward to seeing this.

Today’s shaping up to be a pretty damn good day, is all I have to say.

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