Survival of the Clones

Yes, I’m still alive. In fact, this is being typed from the showfloor of LinuxWorld on one of the computers setup on the wireless network. Anyway, Seattle was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t want to leave on Monday. I wrote some stuff on the airplane from Seattle to San Francisco and I figured that I would just go ahead and paste it into here while I have the time and net access since it’ll be a good week after tomorrow before I’ll have the time again.
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Attack of the Clones

Ahh yes, this afternoon will start my vacation for the year, I head up to Seattle for a family reunion (see earlier post). But this also means that I may not be on a computer till next thursday, which, in essence, means that I prolly will not post until much later, like in September. Please make note of the prolific commas in that last sentence, I love commas. Well anywho, not that it should affect much of the readership on this site (I am not sure that I have one), but I wanted to let folks know. Have a safe Labor Day everyone.

No Rest For The Weary

6 days and counting until I fly to LinuxWorld for yet another round of days of craziness and stress. 4 days and counting until I fly to Seattle at 6:30 in the morning. That really leaves me 4 days to make sure that everything that needs to be done gets done. That leaves me 4 days to make sure all of the literature for the show gets printed and copied; that the network cards really will work between a desktop gateway and a laptop client machine so that the whole basis of our presentation can be done. That means that over the next couple of days, Jess and I are going to be busting our butts to get layouts and print finished for the literature and we’re going to be trying to get the literature done and copied by the end of today *crosses fingers and hopes* so that we can just ship it out to San Francisco rather than having to carry it with us. Here’s to hoping.


Just a reminder how weird people can be. Working last night at the Cowboy Mouth concert, after the band had left the stage I stood up front and kept errant people from taking things off the stage. There were two female fans wanted drum sticks but noone on stage would listen to them, so they pleaded with me to hand them a stick. Well actually they yelled at the crew first to try and get one, to no avail. The funny part was all they kept saying is “we just want a Fredstick, could my friend get a Fredstick please?” I had to comment that it sounded more like a breakfast cereal than a momento from a concert. Well, me being the kind soul that I am reached up into the drum set and grabbed a obviously used utinsel of noise for the now happy girls. They happily danced off.

*this line deleted in a fit of confusion, sig to be added later*

Back in PenguinWorld

For the past couple of weeks, my computer has sadly been only booting into Windows. This is for a couple reasons. Number one, because I wanted to play with Photoshop on a possible new design for portablekat. Number two, and really the most important reason is that for the past couple of weeks, there were problems with fsck on my Linux partition, which meant that doing anything useful in Linux was not a possibility. I, also, of course, have not had the time to sit down and fix the computer as I’ve been trying to get everything set up for LinuxWorld. 8 days and counting until I have to fly to San Francisco.

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