Another View on Final Fantasy the Movie

Ok, I was reading the weblog of Matthew Rossi and i came across his review of Final Fantasy: The spirits within. Now I have heard disparaging reviews of this movie, on the plot and everything else. But Matthew is able to write out the way I feel about the movie much more eloquently then I have the time to do. As fair warning, it does have spoilers in the article, so for those who don’t want to know, don’t read. I would also recommend his log, if you can get past the apparent (on my browser) small width of the area in which the log resides.

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One thought on “Another View on Final Fantasy the Movie

  1. You know, there were parts of the plot that I liked. It seemed to me as if the only character that wasn’t simply a comic book character was Aki. There was actually something to her…although, of course, the entire plot rests around her plight, so she does deserve some focus.

    The thing that frustrated me about the plot was that there really seemed to be nothing *new* to it. Many have noted that it’s been done before, but you know, that’s typical of a lot of sci-fi plotlines. You have to look for something new–and the only apparently new thing here is the animation.

    It might merit a second viewing in the home theater. I don’t know that I’d pay full price for it, though…

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