I’m back…

Lately, I just haven’t really felt like writing. Either at the end of the day I’m too exhausted or I’m just plain tired of looking at a computer screen all day long. We all have our limits. I normally hit mine by the end of the day. Nonetheless, I’m sitting at my computer and I got the urge to write something down, even if it’s just blabberings.

Someone (I honestly can’t remember) told me a long time ago that everyone has their own personal niche in the world. There will be people that look to you for answers and then there will be someone that you look to for answers. You will have a place that you belong in, that noone else can take that place from you, because it’s yours. It might not be the best. Perhaps someone’s niche is to be a secretary at an office. Not the most glamorous position, but not the worst. Someone else’s niche might be to live homeless on the street, only to help another homeless person out. Life works in strange ways.

Growing up, I held onto the belief that I had my niche and that all that remained was for me to find it. I didn’t find it in Huntsville the first time I was here. I didn’t find it at ASMS, although I came close. I didn’t find it right away when I came back to Huntsville. Although, really, I think over all of those years, I was accumulating the knowledge and experience for my niche. I still am. But, slowly, I am starting to fit into my niche.

Sean pointed out to me last night that although I don’t have an ability like Amy’s web design skills or Heather’s quilting skills or Sean’s gardening knowledge that everyone recognizes and respects them for, I have a skill (an annoyance according to some people) called organization. Everything in my life is organized. I couldn’t perform my job as Live! Director if I wasn’t as organized as I am. Right now, I could tell you everything that has been completed to prepare for LinuxWorld as well as everything that needs to be done still. Sean’s kitchen, the one I tend to cook most in now, is kept tidy and organized. Hell, I’ve even encouraged Sean along the paths of organization and it’s helped him out.

I have other bits of knowledge,too. I’m a huge anime fan, always have been. I love comics and other forms of sci-fi/fantasy artwork. I like to spin and sew and weave. I love to cook (I may not be some high-faluting gourmet chef, but I have my own set of skills that I use to prepare what meals I cook). I’m knowledgable in how cars run and am learning more about them as well as how to drive them fast. I know how to program in 4 different languages and by the time I graduate from college I’ll know even more. I know how to fix computers.

I also have a passion that whatever I get into, I dive whole-heartedly into. Tuesday night when I was at the Frosh Mosh meeting, something stirred inside of me and I became excited about helping out. Geof has suggested that perhaps I run for Engineering rep in the House in the fall. I think I am going to, just because SGA has stirred an interest and I have become excited about getting more involved.

So, perhaps I’m not the best at anything that I do. I’m sure there’s someone out there that is twenty times better at what I do. But, for me, these are my passions and my skills. If nobody recognizes me as having them, then that’s their problem. I will continue with my life and my attempt to find my niche.

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