A wish

I really wish I had a garage and more car knowledge. Yesterday turned into an excercise in futility. I recently bought some new spark plugs and brake pads. I figure that these things have not been replaces during my ownership of the car and I would like to know that it is done. Basically preventative maintance.

I was speaking with Bob yesterday about my brakes (president of STG where I work) and he informed me of a few things I did not know. First- when you change your brake pads you should get your roters turned, this makes sense but I was not expecting to do so. One more thing I have to pay for. Plus I may need a different Allen wrench to take the calipers off. *sigh part 1* Just thank goodness that I have 4-wheel disk brakes. Well I think I will just wait until I get my new tires to put on the car, which should be after this next paycheck. If you value your pocketbook then go to The TireRack for your needs. Even with shipping it is alot less expensive. Heck, for the fun of it I might paint my calipers too, heh, cheap stuff gooood.

Next up are the spark plugs (platinum). Well I get the spark plug cover off and the wires unhooked, and then see that the plugs are buried about 6-7 inches down in the engine block. Well I have the rachet wrench, and the right size socket, but no extension to get down to the actual plugs. *sigh part 2* Looks like if I want to continue to do my own maintance I should get one of the Hughes books to help me out.

A garage would help me in my car stereo endeavor, for then I could take the interior out to do installation of car stereo and other stuff, that is, if the following does not happen soon.

{The following is a paid advertisement to my loan company}

To anyone out there that is looking for a car, I am tentively selling mine. I have decided that lower monthly payments would be very conductive to getting a Subaru WRX or Acura RSX. So if you know of anyone out there that is looking for a great car for around 12,000, send along an e-mail. I can give you more details at that point.

{Offer void where prohibited, like out of the country (except canada)}

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