Another View on Final Fantasy the Movie

Ok, I was reading the weblog of Matthew Rossi and i came across his review of Final Fantasy: The spirits within. Now I have heard disparaging reviews of this movie, on the plot and everything else. But Matthew is able to write out the way I feel about the movie much more eloquently then I have the time to do. As fair warning, it does have spoilers in the article, so for those who don’t want to know, don’t read. I would also recommend his log, if you can get past the apparent (on my browser) small width of the area in which the log resides.

I’m back…

Lately, I just haven’t really felt like writing. Either at the end of the day I’m too exhausted or I’m just plain tired of looking at a computer screen all day long. We all have our limits. I normally hit mine by the end of the day. Nonetheless, I’m sitting at my computer and I got the urge to write something down, even if it’s just blabberings.

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A wish

I really wish I had a garage and more car knowledge. Yesterday turned into an excercise in futility. I recently bought some new spark plugs and brake pads. I figure that these things have not been replaces during my ownership of the car and I would like to know that it is done. Basically preventative maintance.

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