Guns ‘N Gas ‘N Go

This morning I was reading my news and I found this article on how KMart is pulliing all ammunition from their shelves on CNN. And it actually reminded me of something that I saw when traveling back from PC Beach on Sunday. Kat and I stopped at a gas station (she could tell you where, I could not, I just drive) for a bathroom and drink stop. Well while waiting for a 5 year old to figure out what to do in the bathroom I wandered around the store. I then realized that the three big pallets (same size you see in any warehouse) were stacked about 4 feet high with ammunition. I had to do a double take on this one… Now here comes my soapbox. I don’t think this should be allowed. Period. I do not think that guns serve any good purpose to most of the general public. Now I have friends that own guns, and I also have fired a few guns in my lifetime, and I don’t think that some of my friends really need that sort of firepower. I personally like the idea of more gun control. I also realize that there is no way that guns will be removed from our society any time soon. Yes, I am realistic about it at least. Now I do know that there are legitimate reasons to have guns, such as hunting. But to own a gun, just to own a gun is not a valid excuse in my book. I also know about the amendment for the right to bare arms. But I also know this is an amendment, and should be amended. I will probably get flamed on the freedoms of America, but right now to those people who write anything like that to me- Screw you. If you need a gun in today’s society to feel free then you have some serious issues and should not have a gun in the first place. Hell, this is coming from a person who thinks that we should go back to swords and bows, at least those take some skill to really hurt someone, and they are a hell of a lot harder to conceal. I don’t believe that one should be able to hold a piece of machinery in their hands, and with no discernable skill, have the ability to kill someone. Point and shoot was made for video games, not real life.

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  1. But Sean and I have discussed this, found areas of agreeance, etc. I would have to agree with Sean that the concept of ammunition in a convenience store is a skosh appalling.

    Glad to know someone’s going to finally start enforcing the Brady Act, though. =)

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