Rain and Thunder

Living here in Huntsvegas has given me a new prospective on the weather. In other towns that I have lived in (Atlanta, Ashville, Athens – the implications) there was not nearly the amount of thunderstorms that I see here. Over in Atlanta and Athens I did see the occasional thunderstorm, but I believe the biggest difference comes from the prospective. Here I can see the storm’s rapid approach and menacing darkness. My former homes had plenty of trees and other such shrubbery that obscured my view of the horizon.


I have many moments in my life that I remember being in storms, I know that it sounds just a little silly, but bear with me. Now I am not just thinking thunderstorms, I am talking about all manner of weather. I have proof that on both the night of my birth and my first birthday there was a huge ice storm that practically stopped the town of Portland, OR in which I was born. I like the thought that I came into this world with the silent fall of snow marking the occasion. Then there were the storms I remember growing up in Atlanta, with the heavy smell of rain in the air and the pavement steaming after a summer’s downpour. I also remember now my sixteenth birthday, spent in Atlanta when a snow and ice storm hit there. Yes, I know that it is nothing compared to what happens up north, but it did end up shutting down the metro area for quite some time. My sister incidentally had a hurricane hit on her sixteenth birthday. Ahhhhh, the stormy six-teens grin.

I also think about my love of the sound of thunder, with the impact ringing off my eardrums. I have a tape of thunderstorms that I used to play in high school and in college that was mix of about six different thunderstorms all recorded in different parts of the country. I cannot sleep better then when I have the sound of rain about me. Maybe the reason I like bass in my music so much harks to the sound of thunder, I want to feel that impact, a truly moving music. Nothing pleases me more then sitting inside, collecting my thoughts, and watching the rain drip down the window.

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  1. Hrm. It’s interesting that some guys locally at GHCC have been studying the effect on the urbanization of north Georgia on the local climate. Storm production’s going up significantly.

    Since Sean brings up tapes…if any of you are into such coolness, somewhere in my grandmother’s basement is an audio tape of an F5 tornado going down the street past this one kid’s 1974 tape recorder [mic tossed out the window on the end of the cord, so the mic bangs against the house some]. I can endeavor to find it the next time that I’m home; it’s rather impressive.

    Of course, I know have Clint Black’s "Like The Rain" in my head…

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