Guns ‘N Gas ‘N Go

This morning I was reading my news and I found this article on how KMart is pulliing all ammunition from their shelves on CNN. And it actually reminded me of something that I saw when traveling back from PC Beach on Sunday. Kat and I stopped at a gas station (she could tell you where, I could not, I just drive) for a bathroom and drink stop. Well while waiting for a 5 year old to figure out what to do in the bathroom I wandered around the store. I then realized that the three big pallets (same size you see in any warehouse) were stacked about 4 feet high with ammunition. I had to do a double take on this one… Now here comes my soapbox. I don’t think this should be allowed. Period. I do not think that guns serve any good purpose to most of the general public. Now I have friends that own guns, and I also have fired a few guns in my lifetime, and I don’t think that some of my friends really need that sort of firepower. I personally like the idea of more gun control. I also realize that there is no way that guns will be removed from our society any time soon. Yes, I am realistic about it at least. Now I do know that there are legitimate reasons to have guns, such as hunting. But to own a gun, just to own a gun is not a valid excuse in my book. I also know about the amendment for the right to bare arms. But I also know this is an amendment, and should be amended. I will probably get flamed on the freedoms of America, but right now to those people who write anything like that to me- Screw you. If you need a gun in today’s society to feel free then you have some serious issues and should not have a gun in the first place. Hell, this is coming from a person who thinks that we should go back to swords and bows, at least those take some skill to really hurt someone, and they are a hell of a lot harder to conceal. I don’t believe that one should be able to hold a piece of machinery in their hands, and with no discernable skill, have the ability to kill someone. Point and shoot was made for video games, not real life.

The Speedy and the Somewhat Tempermental

Well last night Kat and I decided that it was finally time for us to go see The Fast and the Furious, which is basically a movie about import car racing. First of all, let me say that it is refreshing to see a movie like this on the big screen: it is a showcase for really nice cars (depending on your opinion) will a decent storyline and cast. What you have to do is get into the right frame of mind for this sort of thing. As some may well know I myself drive an import car, so I already find the subject fascinating. Also, my enthusiasiam has gotten Kat interested in this whole scene as well. (Heh, my plan worked) Throughout the movie I had to periodically wipe drool away from my chin, some absolutely incredible cars drove across the screen. It was great, I had to restrain myself from going: and that is a civic, and that is a 240sx, ooo ooo, there is a supra… I was doing that the whole dang movie. Now, I want to have the disclaimer that my car will probably never look even close to what some of these guys are doing, but I certainly prefer a little more horsepower than the factory setting. I guess that means I am into overclocking my car instead of my computer.

Kat and I also decided that the other members of our group would probably not have enjoyed the movie as much as we did. True, the movie did have a decent plot, but it really was about showcasing the cars on the screen. There were quite a few moments that I just went “Holy Sh**” and just grabbed my armrest a little more. Sometimes I just like the more visceral movies, where the plot is NOT the most important part. I have become very good as suspending my disbelief. There are only a few movies I have watched in my lifetime that I have said “I will never willing watch that again.” It falls into the kind of personality that I have, I am laid back and tend to take things at face value. This does not mean that I enjoy everything equally; it just means that if I get at least a little enjoyment, I am usually happy with that. I tend not to try and think “well if this happened then that situation would have been better” because of the fact that nothing can be changed about that situation now. Now this sort of attitude can be bad in school, and is partially the reason why I did leave, money was the other.

Yikes, now that I am really off the subject, look for in the near future pic and stats on my car, as well as some plans for the future. That is, unless I win the lottery and get my WRX that I want 🙂

Rain and Thunder

Living here in Huntsvegas has given me a new prospective on the weather. In other towns that I have lived in (Atlanta, Ashville, Athens – the implications) there was not nearly the amount of thunderstorms that I see here. Over in Atlanta and Athens I did see the occasional thunderstorm, but I believe the biggest difference comes from the prospective. Here I can see the storm’s rapid approach and menacing darkness. My former homes had plenty of trees and other such shrubbery that obscured my view of the horizon.


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Goals and the rest of my life

With respect to a post on g’chick by Will, I began to truly contemplate goals that I have set for mysef in life. I know that there are a lot of things that I have expressed the wish to learn more about or do, but I never really thought about a set list of things that could be considered goals. So, here’s my try at putting together a list of goals that I’ve really had for a while, but never classified them as goals.

1. Graduate cum laude with a degree in Computer Engineering (Hopefully completed in 1.5 more years)
2. Design and build my own house that is the ultimate geek estate (Sometime in the future, not sure when)
3. Buy a J-22 or J-24 one of these days to sail with a crew. Also, own a smaller Sunfish or Thistle to sail by myself. (Sometime after the house)
4. Learn to scuba dive and go diving in the Great Barrier Reef (hopefully, in the near future)
5. Build my own computer (I’m not talking about just plugging boards into a case. I’m talking about actually soldering all of the chips onto the boards and then plugging them into the case.)
6. Take the Orient Express (Whenever I can afford it)
7. Get my grandfather’s old ’63 Buick Riviera and completely restore it (It’s not a fancy car, but it’s got major sentimental value; I doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on this anytime before my father dies)
8. Finish visiting all 50 states (I’ve got 38 down, just 12 more to go)
9. The ability to look back on my life when I’m old and not regret the choices that I made in life.

My Brain

Ahhhhhh, finally my own little place to post my blatherings. I will try to be as prolific in terms of writing as my time will allow. For the moment things are still being updated on here so please bear with me about getting some of the content filled out. I just wanted to say welcome and be afraid….